ExtrAXION, the simple and yet powerful digital takeoff software adds useful and practical new features with the new Version 5 !

With version 5, our user can expect improved efficiency with

- support for DWF files. Users do not need to try to find software to do the conversion, v5 support the format now and each dwf layout can be added as a different drawing !

- Divide an A0 size drawing into small parts for more efficient graphics performance and drawing management.

- Counting object using Text Search - another innovative method to help takeoff.

- Better organisation of drawings folders.

- Filters in WBS to use subset of a WBS

Additional features that promises exciting update coming

- Auxiliary drawing allows the drawings to take temporary measurements

- Internal architecture enhancement to support add-ons in the future.

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ArCADiasoft equals 20 years of experience in creating computer applications for the construction industry and more than 100 products for architects and engineers. Our programs range from structural design to interior and installation design to energy performance of buildings calculations to buildings’ surroundings design. ArCADiasoft is the author of the ArCADia BIM system.

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BIM Archectural include

ArCADia 10

ArCADia Architecture 8

ArCADia 3D Maker


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BIM Starter include

ArCADia 10

ArCADia 3D Maker

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The new 2018.1 version of the NextGen software for pressure vessel and heat exchanger calculation has been released in March 2018 with a lot of new features and improvements. Significantly the software has been updated to design code update include support

  • ASME: ASME VIII Div. 1 & 2 – Edition 2017

  • ASME: It is now possible to validate cylinders (e.g. pipes) using B31.3 rules in addition to BPVC ones

ASME : Calculation of rectangular vessel under external pressure

  • EN 13445: Detailed fatigue assessment according to Clause 18

  • Added detailed fatigue assessment module to all our EN13445 and AD2000 licensees

  • Special – Supports: Added an option to check vessel supports using MAWP instead of design pressure

  • ....

Optimizations in this release include :

  • ASME: Internal nozzle-to-wall weld size for protruding nozzles is now optional

  • ASME: Added check of minimum value for saddle angle θ

  • Asme VIII Div. 1: Added notes regarding nearest opening for nozzles on flat covers

  • Asme VIII Div. 1: Removed the ability to import components from Classic version of our ASME software

  • EN 13445: Added calculation of tube bends deformation to EN 13445-4 9.2.4

  • EN 13445: ASTM materials included in EN13445 database have been updated to 2017 version of ASME II

  • EN 13445: It is now possible to evaluate an ellipsoidal head made of stainless steel as cold spun

  • EN 13445: In some circumstances an error could occur (missing material) on a loose flange with lap

  • EN 13445: It’s now possible to calculate minimum flanged extension thickness of tubesheet calculate as additional component

  • EN 13445: Simplified fatigue solver as per EN13445: use Rp02 when Rp1 is not available for austenitic steels

  • EN 13445: Simplified fatigue solver EN13445: use Rp02 available in austenitic steels tables.

  • EN 13445: Improved descriptions and help topics for EN jacket closures

  • EN 13445: Improved cone calculation precision especially at high pressures. Minor differences may occur also at lower pressures.


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