Making IT Practical for Engineering



My name is Goh Thiam Seng. I am a Mechanical Engineer by training. I have been involved in IT & Engineering for the past 30 years. My first piece of software was written in 1983 with a Prime 250 mini computer, those machines covered with robotic greenish typeface line by line. I have always been interested in computers and solving engineering problems that we find in our daily lives.


After graduating with my first degree in 1991 from National University of Singapore. It was fascinating for me to see how customers applied computer software usage in daily engineering tasks. It was much complicated and not as straight forward last time as the codes were not as simplified as today, but it was always my best interest to figure how did the software works for all sort of different applications in daily life. 


Few years later, I had the opportunity to lead different teams of engineers across Asia. These include some large scale projects specifically but not limited to shipbuilding, power, chemical and oil & gas industry. As I worked in these multi-year projects, a thought slowly nurtured in my mind. Why limit the use of software in huge companies? Perhaps it is time to use simple off-the-shelf IT tools to make viable solutions to all companies, whether small or medium or large, as long as there is a need to incorporate IT in their daily work.


In 2010, after spending 8 years in Northern Asia, I decided to return to Singapore and established Team Design Solutions in 2011 with my NUS classmate, Mr. Har Choong Meng. Being an experienced engineer in the building construction industry, I gained a better understanding of this industry through this partnership. In early 2015, Mr. Har moved on to other commitment and hence the set up of TDS Engr Solutions Pte Ltd.


Through the years, our goals are always consistent and clear:


  • To make IT usable with minimum disruption by understanding the customers and careful planning & implementation

  • To ensure continuity with flexible training arrangement and knowledge of customers’ processes

  • To provide flexile outsourcing and training to help customers with manpower turnover problems

  • To offer flexible partnership with companies to provide complete solutions to our customers

  • To bring cost efficient software and solutions to this region


We work continuously to deliver our promises to our customers. So don’t hesitate and contact us today for any enquiries!



Goh Thiam Seng